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Wed, 24 January

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A proof is a general representation of the final portrait. Back in the days of film all of the negatives were processed the same. No special techniques were used to enhance any one photo. After the proof was selected the photo would be printed from the negative by us in the darkroom. Special techniques such as dodging and burning would enhance areas of the photo and the photo would be developed on high quality paper.

With the emergence of digital photography proofing is much the same. The way we view the proofs however, can be very different. Many photographers choose different methods to show for example, a bride and groom their proofs. Some of the options we inclulde are listed below.

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Online Wedding Proofing

  • Ease of use
  • Integrated slideshows
  • Advantages
  • Sharing with family and friends
  • Online ordering
  • Email files
  • Favorites folders

Digital Proofs On CD

  • Can be Viewed on Computer Screen
  • Can be sent via Email
Our proofing site for clients is powered by SmugMug. You can view your password protected images from your photo shoot, select and save your favorite images and easily order prints and additional products such as albums.

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