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Sun, 25 February

We're a photography studio in the Tallahassee FL area specializing in artistic wedding photojournalism, beach photography, beautiful portraiture and fine art landscape photography.

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Britney and Ian had a beautiful beach wedding on St. George Island; every detail was perfect. It was  an honor to capture  all the special moments of this gorgeous couple’s wedding day!

 Brittany and Ian's - St. George Island Wedding


There is no better place than St. George Island, Florida for a family reunion; it was a pleasure photographing Sue, Rick and their wonderful family. A beautiful family, a perfect day on the beach and wonderful memories that this family will treasure for years to come!

 Sue and Rick's - St. George Island Beach Photography


Here is a sneak peek of Shelley and Arnaud’s incredible beach wedding; they were married on a beautiful day on gorgeous St. George Island, Florida. The bride, the setting and the day were picture perfect!

 Shelley and Arnaud's - St. George Island Wedding Photography


Lori and Ivan’s wedding day was amazing; the bride was beautiful, the day was gorgeous and the setting was spectacular. St. George Island is the perfect spot for a beach wedding!

 Lori and Ivan's - St. George Island Wedding